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Body Toning Through Mental Imagery CD (For Any Sport) Number 45 Body Toning Through Mental Imagery CD (For Any Sport) Number 45

Use the Power of Your Mind to achieve the body you wish to have by using the power of "Mental Imagery", which is the greatest power in the universe. If you see it in your mind, you will manifest it in your body.

Our Price: $24.95
Alzheimer's CD Number 450 Alzheimer's CD Number 450

Scientists have known for a long time that the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients contain microscopic fibrous tangles and hardened deposits called plaques. Some researchers have shown that the tangles and plaques contain some of the same proteins, or portions of the proteins, that are contained in the cytoskeletal fibers in normal brain cells. The findings show that the cause of Alzheimer's may lie in the process controlling the formation of the cytoskeletal structures. The SCWL program on Alzheimer's disease creates an attitude within your subconscious that you are a healthy individual.

Our Price: $24.95
Responding To Hypnosis CD Number 514 Responding To Hypnosis CD Number 514

If you choose to undergo hypnosis, this program will plant the seeds for a successful session. It is designed to help you relax and clear your mind of distractions so that you can enjoy and receive the most completely positive experience while maintaining your focus.

Our Price: $24.95